Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finding the Rhythm

(It's not awesome.)

My meals these days are fairly redundant.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, usually scrambled with minced garlic & salsa (threw in some baby spinach to wilt first today on a whim)

Lunch: sammich. I've been rotating PB & J with avocado/red pepper/spinach and hummus/red pepper/spinach since anatomy started.

Dinner: beans. Sometimes with corn tortillas, sometimes with rice.

I know, super exciting, right?

Still the upside is since I've discovered the MAGIC that is coffee I've been going to the gym every morning of the week before class. Yes, on uptown 8.30 days this means the alarm goes off a 5.30 but hey. I'm getting back in shape and it feels awesome. Plus I walk to and from class every day. Well, I walk everywhere, actually.

I'm feeling super energetic at this moment because a) I just ate and I had been starving before, and b) I had a medium iced coffee (soy milk no sugar) after the gym this morning (3.5 miles in 33 minutes, getting back in the zone!) I'll still probably get a second coffee after the second half of dissection this afternoon so I can power through studying tonight.

On my plate at the moment:

- Biochem exam Friday at 11am. 50 multiple choice questions. "Not easy."
- Anatomy exam Monday at 9.30am. Written = 40 multiple choice questions, practical = 30 questions.
- Take home PA Seminar exam to be turned in on Friday by 1pm. 10 short answer questions (I've done 9, just need to finish and type them up.)
- Group project, presentation TBA. Next Tuesday after class sitting down with my group to just bang it out. Fo' realz. Topic: sexual orientation and discrepancies in health care. To presented in the form of 3 skits.

In conclusion: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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