Saturday, April 10, 2010

Say Ahhhh ...

It turns out that Dr. Hajjar, one my our Biochem professors and Executive Vice Dean at the Medical College, is from Lowell. I finally placed his accent when he said "lawr of physics" in lecture yesterday morning.

YTTP was wonderful - after a six month hiatus I have lost much of the flexibility yoga helped me achieve but no worries, I'll get it back! Oh, and my vegan lunch at Candle Cafe was superb. Very filling and flavorful.

After yoga I realized my body was screaming "dairy" at me. I must have been low on calcium. I attempted (yes, for the fourth time in as many weeks) to grab a few arepas but both the take-out and sit-down waits were ridiculous. Instead I grabbed a medium original Red Mango with strawberry and decided to go investigate Pie, which I'd always walked by when I lived at 10th & Broadway but never actually patronized.

Much to my ecstatic joy, there was not only thin crust GF pizza available (though pricey, eesh! I forgot how expensive this intolerance is!) but 5 GF beers and 4 ciders! Holy wow! And the Green's are more than reasonably priced at $9 a bottle. I am absolutely going to submit a write-up to Celiac Chicks. I went for the Fresh Cubed Pie which has cubed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cubed arugula, olive oil, garlic and basil.

I kid you not, this is the b.e.s.t. GF thin crust pizza I've ever had. Hands down. Eat here. Now.

While I was waiting and subsequently eating I was privy to a lovely conversation with Jeffrey, Pie's owner, who also happens to live gluten-free. And yes, I completely devoured my 10" personal pie with a complimentary Bard's Tale. Perfection.

Much later that night, after enjoying some Kid Sister at Webster Hall, my girl Wendi and I split some small nachos and I had a warm goat cheese salad at my favorite 24-hour locale. Like I said, a total dairy craving. And as always, I paid for it all day. I wasn't even remotely hungry until 5pm (though I did make myself have a Trio bar around 1.30 when my vision got all fuzzy upon standing to stretch.

Oh yes, that's right - I spent roughly 8 hours at the library today. I got through all of derm and nutrition and almost 3 biochem lectures. I'll do some more tomorrow morning before my Sunday plans kick in. Tonight, after stopping by the crazy Food Emporium under the Queensborough Bridge, I made some Tinkyada pasta for dinner with:

oyster mushrooms drizzled with raw agave nectar and tossed c corn starch
chopped asparagus (~1 in.)
frozen peas
minced garlic
fresh basil leaves

Though the corn starch didn't give the texture oomph I was looking for, I always consider my meal more successful if my roommate Brittney gushes over it, which she did tonight. On the side: a few corn tortillas heated in the leftover oil rolled up with some peach mango salsa. Tomorrow I'll be making this tasty baked cauliflower dish my mother found and doing something with that tempeh and the rest of the asparagus.

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