Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where There's Smoke

If I slack on posting it's usually because I'm misbehavin'.

Sunday was a mess. I was starving, craving cheese again. Is my calcium super low? I did start taking multivitamins again ... hunh. So I gave in, fighting cravings is hard when you're in grad school and living such a restricted life to begin with. Grabbed 2 slices at Mozzarelli's (one artichoke, one bruschetta, if you were wondering.) This happens to be my favorite NON-thin crust GF pizza ever. Then I also bought a box of cookies for the surprise birthday I was off to in Brooklyn.

PS thanks, R train, for making my trek to 86th St. so interesting.

During my brief stay I managed to eat 3 Cadbury cream eggs (egad!) as well as a few chunks of brie and smoked gouda. I never could say "no" to a cheese plate. Plus some grapes and some hummus (eaten on way over-salted corn chips.) Oh, and 3 of the cookies (oreo-sized) I'd brought. And a can of kosher Pepsi (no corn syrup.)

Oy, and I almost forgot - my friend's mother had made a Chinese noodle dish for everyone and had sweetly made me my own GF veggie plate which was ginormous and I in no way ate an entire HALF of it, I swear ... ok, I'm lying.

In other news, after that fiasco I did go dance my butt off for an hour and a half at my first hip hop dance class at BDC. And had a little bag of those soy/yam flour noodles (the name escapes me) with a drizzle of evoo and some obscure spices.

Yesterday was far more reasonable. Until dinner, anyway.

I started my day with another Trio bar and had my oatmeal with almond milk for lunch. My birthday friend, his real DOB being yesterday, had one more celebratory gathering in mind at City Crab. Yikes, more like City CRAP. The service was atrocious. My salad was flavorless. The only flavor in my pasta-turned-rice dish was from butter. Ew. They're called herbs and spices, look into it. Plus with a party of 5 or more they add on 20% gratuity. Ballsy much?

So that was my one dinner out this week. If you read that I've eaten dinner out again before Sunday hits judge me. Judge me fiercely.

Honestly, I believe my eating fails of late are only compounding my overall crappy mood. What am I missing?

Breakfast today: 2 corn tortillas with 1 Tbsp PB each and a drizzle of raw agave. Lunch: my leftover pasta from this weekend.

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