Wednesday, April 7, 2010

But I Always Pick Myself Back Up

Yesterday turned out to be quite the fruitful day!

I did give in and caffeinated myself (iced dirty soy chai from the 'bucks) but the rest of the day went according to plan, i.e. my homemade granola with organic unsweetened almond milk for lunch.

And since class got out early (3pm, huzzah!) I did in fact make it to the gym for a hard 30 minutes in the elliptical-esque machine and some solid core work. Before diving into the cram session for the medical terminology exam I just took (I'm guessing a grade in the low 90s) I got my chef on and finally made the dal I've been going on about. I'm pretty certain at this point that almost every dish ever cooked should have garlic and ginger in it. Side dish: broccoli with spicy hummus.

I woke up before my alarm went of again. And as I've been recently reminded, when this happens the best thing to do is just GET UP. Which I did, thank you, and began to mope about my granola being at school but then - gasp! - I remembered that on Bad Decision Monday I'd purchased some frozen GF vegan waffles at D'Ag! A short trip in the microwave later and I have tasty breakfast, thank you very much. On one of them I spread all-natural PB (ingredients: peanuts) and the other I smothered in my favorite brand of preserves (multi-fruit.)

Now I am feeling good. And full. And I think I may have to go get a Metro NY so I can crossword because class doesn't start up until 10.

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