Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Mixed Bag

Things got worse then better.

Tuesday night I had much to do in the way of studying after my OR orientation which lasted until 6. That plus a raging low blood sugar headache left me no other option beside grabbing a quick bite uptown. Found an Indian "fast food" place a block from the hospital which had a main dish, rice, and 2 sides for $8 - not terrible. I got saag paneer, some dal, and some aloo gobi. Of course it was too late to avoid the headache so I could only suffer through studying until 9.30ish before giving up and going home.

Yesterday my clouds began to lift (for an all-too-obvious reason) and I repeated my PB & agave rolls, skipped the gym, and settled in for a long day of class. Not having had a chance to make any food this week (which I will absolutely rectify this weekend) I got a big ol' salad for lunch from a salad bar with chick peas, corn, tofu, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a spot of avocado. Dressing = a quick drizzle of oil & balsamic vinegar. Tres yummy! and $5.

After class I snacked on some granola while jump starting my studying 'on campus' and then for dinner around 8.15 I ate most of a fruit & cheese plate from my favorite Starbucks. Yes, beyond overpriced, but they trap you. It's such a hassle to go get something somewhere else and going home to cook was out of the question, I had an exam this morning!

Speaking of this morning, I went to sleep earlier so I could get up at 6 and run 3 miles on the treadmill without IT band pain! Super exciting. Stretching and yoga really do make a difference, I believe. Treated myself to a breakfast (low on food supplies) of scrambled eggs with hot sauce at some random place for $2.25 and some 100% pure juice OJ.

Wow, I have energy!!! Granola for lunch, ? for dinner since I have to go study Biochem immediately after class today at ze library.

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  1. I can't believe these prices. It's so amazing. I miss you =) heart heart.