Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh Hi

Oh goodness, how I've neglected this blog!

Here's why:

a. Anatomy started. Hence my life as I know it has ended.

b. My loan money (and everyone else's) still hasn't come through. This means I was basically out of money this past week and living very sparsely on rice, beans, eggs, and PB & J.

The good news is I received a forward from the Bank of Dad which means I bought groceries today. Tomorrow's sammich = avocado, baby spinach, sliced red pepper. Also class doesn't start until 8.30 which means I get to run for 30 minutes tomorrow.

Yesterday my new MD friend (finished Tuft's Medical School on Thursday!) talked me into taking a break and getting brunch. We went to Kyotofu in Hell's Kitchen which is adorable - plenty of soy & tofu options. Plus they had a list of their gluten-free options! I got the warm mushroom salad with citrus rice and green tea cème brûlée. Lots of flavor, perfect serving size! Catie's dessert was a sample of 5 different desserts - what they're known for.

I really have nothing else to report. My cooking has been bland. Sorry to disappoint ...

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