Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unsure of My Grip

I've lost some inspiration to cook.


'Not you,' you cry. Alas, tis true. It used to be that I had extra time and energy which I devoted to cooking. Now both of those commodities are being used up by school. Though I must be doing something right, I got a 92 on my first exam(!) But for lunch that day I purchased a salad. Though vegan, this goes against the spending rules I set for myself. Bad Laura. So for a budget-friendly dinner I munched on some more granola (running low.) Unable to bring myself to study I went for a 2 hour walk and ended up buying a piece of carrot cake from Risotteria and some cheese from WFM as I passed back through Union Square. Oops.

Yesterday was a bit better. I woke up full after all that cheese and just had a Vitamin Water. Lunch was a hastily consumed PB&J (1/2 sugar Smuckers grape) on a new brand of GF bread I'm trying. SUPER fluffy but that's because of egg whites. I just can't win, it takes far too much out of me to eat vegan all the time when I have to be gluten-free.

Dinner was 1/2 can black-eyed peas with some peach mango salsa and random herbs & spices mixed in. Then Roomie Britt came home and we purchased some red wine to consume with brie, pineapple, rice crackers, spicy hummus, and some walnuts that I tossed with agave nectar and some spices. Decided against going out since I have much studying to do today.

Off to the library.

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