Friday, April 9, 2010


I guess I haven't left all of Boston behind: the free newspaper is AM NY, not Metro. Oops.

Both Wednesday and Thursday I had this week's lunch of homemade granola with almond milk (which, bee tee dubs, is only 35 kcal per cup.) Yesterday, though, it being so nice out a number of us (us = classmates) sat outside during the lunch break and I was craving crunchy salty things so I got a tiny bag of high fiber "chips."

Wednesday I did not make the awesomest decision ever. Instead of going home then to Starbucks to study I went with 5 of my new peers to Stag's Head for a drink and some bonding. Cut to 4 (5?) ciders and 2 tequila shots later, most of us were drunk and too tired after the long day of class + 8am exam (I got a 98%, thankyouverymuch!) to actually do any studying. So I went home, stuffed my face with the remaining 4 frozen waffles, 1 with preserves, 1 with salsa. Oh, and a bowl of leftover dal. Win?

Last night was not as bad drink-wise, seeing as the majority of our class went to O'Neil's for PAHH (PA Happy Hour.) 3 ciders and my departure at 6.30 ... though dinner was all kinds of ridiculous. I made enough guacamole for 3 people then ate it ALL. That's right. 3 avocados worth. And an entire bag of corn tortillas. With a little salsa on each one. Who am I?

Today all 3 classes are at NYP which means lunch has to be eaten out (no fridge or break room uptown.) I've already chosen my healthy, GF option. Plus I woke up early to do a little workout this AM. And I'm going to yoga with a new classmate (Michelle) downtown at 7.30 so double bonus points for Friday.

Now I just need to get my study on wicked hard all day tomorrow. I must become one with nutrition and dermatology. Plus some extra Biochem wouldn't hurt.


  1. you're awesome =)

  2. They hand our both Metro and AM NY at my subway stop...