Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hard Work

Blah. Tomato & beans over rice for breakfast yesterday. Super condensed 2 hours of Biochem lecture.

Had that picnic lunch. My first ever guacamole came out fairly tasty. Spicier in the future, for sure. Ate the guac with some corn tortillas I had grabbed at Trader Joe's on 14th St. - which, by the way, is still the only TJ's in Manhattan. Holy ginormous line, Batman! My buddy Tony surprised me - I'd asked for GF (obviously) and veggie. He brought some soy crisps, hummus, an apple, and blackberries - vegan delight!

I attempted to study in the warmth of the radiant Spring sun at Bryant Park but was oh so tired - I almost face planted a number of times into the endocrine system. So instead I grabbed a few needed items at Lord & Taylor (sale! don't judge me) before heading downtown for karaoke. 2+ hours of singing makes one hungry so while my friends got Crif Dog I grabbed dos arepas at Caracas (yes, AGAIN.) So much for my vegan Friday ... and of course I topped it off with a small plain fro-yo from Red Mango before walking home. At least I had an early (for NYC), sober night.

Spent 6-7 hours at the library today with Biochem and medical terminology (3 chapters of note cards left, the exam is on Wednesday. Gulp!) Breakfast was veggie flax chips with salsa. Snack time was some crunchy corn/rice things by that company that makes Pirate's Booty. Dinner was veg sushi from Whole Foods, the rest of my veggie flax chips with the rest of my salsa & hummus, an iced chai from the 'bucks (I'm such a sucker) and heavens forfend, I'm drinking a Coke Zero right now (for the caffeine - I plan to study more tonight.)

At least I ate vegan today. And I'll be making some super yummy vegan dishes tomorrow evening to last me the week: tempeh-veggie salad, that red lentil dal I adore so much, and granola (with certified GF oats!) Of course I will be having non-vegan EastOver (Easter/Passover) brunch with Tony and our friend Kate who's visiting from Boston, but ...

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