Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When It Rains ...

This weekend was a little on the crazy side - though still fairly sick, on Friday night I split a bottle of wine (Bordeaux) with my new roommate Brittney at a cute little French restaurant (Cosette, 163 E.33rd St.) Then on Saturday night I went back to Caracas Arepa Bar with a friend from out of town. Sunday morning saw a large group brunch with new friends in Williamsburg at Mesa Coyoacán - très yummy - followed by an early evening cocktail and cheese & fruit plate at some random place by Herald Square (the name escapes me) with another friend from out of town.

But that's not what you want to know. You want to know just what I'm doing now that this budget has got me by the neck.

Well. Yesterday was a slight fail. I didn't eat breakfast, which is how I used to roll when I was working but after a month of eating when I was hungry (plus the 12 hour time difference) my body is on a very different (read: messy) food schedule. This means I was starving by the time "lunch" happened at noon. I'd also forgotten something at home so running back there meant scarfing two slices of GF bread for a total of 240 calories.

This got me through the rest of my early day (lecture until 3) when I had a coconut milk yogurt (So Delicious brand, 150 cal) to last me through 2 hours of reading & assignments - I chose to stay in the classroom and finish. The low blood sugar headache sets in.

Then the grocery store: veggies, hummus, avocado, mushroom. Aren't you proud? I ended up making my favorite brand of GF pasta (Tinkyada) and in place of bottled pasta sauce I sauteed (in evoo):

garlic (minced)
onion (diced)
zucchini (chopped)
Thai eggplant (chopped)
tomatoes (diced, canned)
pinto beans (canned, drained)
random spices & herbs

It came out SUPER awesome! Plus vegan bonus points for all of yesterday.

So far today: I skipped breakfast again (oops) but only because my 7am go-to-the-gym alarm didn't go off. At lunch just now I had a sammich with the garlicky hummus I bought yesterday and sliced red pepper. Nom! I have another yogurt for my afternoon snack (~3pm) and leftover pasta for dinner (plus the other half of a bag of salad I ate last night.)

I've also realized that I'm going to need to update this almost daily if I'm going to be super diligent about budgeting/recording. I like to think that doing so will keep me in check. In terms of a lot of things.

Ah, glad to get this written on my lunch break!

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