Friday, March 26, 2010

So It Begins

Well, it will begin. On Sunday. I think I'll cook some Dal followed by a basic mid-week pasta. Also I want to try my hand at making some tasty bean spread for my inevitable sandwich lunches (yogurt will be breakfast, maybe an occasional tomato & egg if class starts a bit later.)

Tuesday night Jon made some diverse, tasty food - salmon with garlic and ginger, super spicy bell peppers with chili peppers, and cauliflower with leeks, bacon, and cheese. Plus his cousin/roommate goes to cooking school so we had good food talk in the kitchen, we three.

On Wednesday I tried my hand at Thai curry. It went fairly well, considering the fact that I forgot my GF soy sauce had no stopper and WAY too much got in my curry. No photos due to my camera still being in Thailand. Grabbed a beer with some of my new classmates that night to try to dispel some pre-orientation jitters at Peculier Pub (they only have Red Bridge, but still.)

Splurged for dinner with Andres last night at Rosa Mexicano (the one on 1st Ave) which means once I finish this post I am most definitely going to the gym, despite this nasty head/chest cold I'm fighting.

SO here we go. This will be it. After this weekend no more "oh, what the hell, sure we can do dinner." I will be on a super strict budget. Keep smart spending vibes and tasty food vibes coming my way!

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  1. you're awesome and i miss you. perhaps you'll inspire me to start cooking at home =) heart heart. jazzie