Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Learning Process

After shoveling a big bowl of pasta last night I hit up the library for the first time to rewrite some notes using colored ink. The library is surprisingly small for one affiliated with a large teaching hospital.

Anyway I must have done something wrong again yesterday because around 6pm a headache set in. It didn't stop me from 4 hours of notes but OW. Dislike. I had a few corn chips and hummus before bed to try to alleviate the pain some, thinking it was again blood sugar related. Then I slept for 10 1/2 hours. I guess I really am still recovering from this URI.

So this morning I made a big bowl of tomato and egg around 10am, my preferred breakfasting time. Ate another of those yogurts around 2.45 then after lecture had a few chips with salsa, my last slice of that GF bread with balsamic vinaigrette, and two kosher coconut macaroons. Damn, if that doesn't keep my blood sugar up I don't know what will.

Spent the past three hours making note cards and studying in my favorite local Starbucks (29th & Park.) Gave in and spent just over $4 on a tall soy chai. Plus at 8ish I had another hummus and red pepper sammich. So today was a FAT day, it seems, considering I didn't wake up early enough to go to the gym, like I said I would. Oy.

That's ok, I'll have my last yogurt for breakie tomorrow, the last helping of my Super Awesome GF Vegan Pasta (TM) for lunch, and do something with that avocado for dinner. I'd lie and say maybe I can squeeze in some gym time, but let's be honest. I'll be at the library rewriting my notes until late.

For now: more reading of my medical terminology book.

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