Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Step 1: Groceries

OK, this is for serious now.

Yesterday I hit up both Whole Foods (the one on Union Square, since I was in the neighborhood) and Bangkok Center Grocery, the tiny Thai store in Chinatown, where I grabbed some specific curry ingredients and some Thai eggplant (mild obsession.) Also between the two I got some of my own basics: rice, GF pasta, GF bread, yogurt, tempeh, eggs, canned beans, GF soy sauce, and for the first time agave nectar (exciting!)

I think yogurt will become my standard breakfast/lunch, mixing it up some days. Then a few staples plus fresh produce and herbs and other extraneous ingredients for Cooking Day (which will be Sundays - Saturdays will be spent studying) and viola! Theoretic Eating Plan in place.

Before all this kicks in, though, I'm busy building up my cabinet/fridge, making room on the already crammed kitchen shelves (two roommates), and playing catch-up with my NYC friends. Which, of course, translates into food/drinks out. Last night my dear friend Holly and I tried Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village. Incredibly tasty. It has made me determined to improve my own arepa-making skills. And tonight I'm being treated to a home-cooked meal by another dear friend, Jon, at his Brooklyn home. Sweet deal!

Countdown: 2 days until orientation. Yikes!

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