Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Countdown: 10 days

I'm getting a little nervous.

Not about my upcoming adventure, no, but about all of the little things I need to take care of before I leave. For example: on Friday I'll be picking up my rental truck (a tiny one, only 10') in Allston and driving it to my apartment in Cambridge. This terrifies me. The largest thing I've ever driven was my mother's mini-van when learning to drive in high school. And you should've seen the scratch I put on the side of that!

When it comes to food last week wasn't memorable. No, really, I can't remember what I ate Tuesday through Thursday. There's a good chance I'm losing my mind.

Friday night I felt inspired, finally, to cook. I whipped out some gluten-free pizza dough (365 brand's mix, my current favorite) and invented some pesto - basil and roasted red pepper with garlic, parm, evoo, and pine nuts - then topped it off with some baby fontina, goat cheese, and artichoke hearts I'd sauteed in evoo & garlic. It was Tasty McFlavor but missing a level of sweetness I'd hoped the red pepper would provide (I think the basil canceled it out.) Next time I'll just pile on a bunch of caramelized onions (yummmmmm ...)

Saturday morning I walked a cold 40 minutes to Sunset Cantina where I met my brother for nacho brunch. We KILLED those nachos. I honestly did not have room in my belly until 2.30am that night when I got home from a friend's goodbye party. Sunset still holds the #1 spot in my heart for standard nachos.

Sunday one of my roommates and I decided to do breakfast for dinner. Using Against the Grain baguettes and the French toast recipe from America's Test Kitchen it came out a little on the soggy side but the flavor more than made up for the slightly-off texture. Plus 2 fried eggs and chocolate milk = win. And let's ignore the fact that we each had a pint of frozen yogurt delivered to us for dessert. Ridiculous is the word you're looking for.

This week's Nacho Average Monday was the spiciest so far! New England Nachos: clam chowder puree-fried Ipswich clams; bacon, celery and onion salsa; fresh greens; and thyme vinaigrette. I'm not the hugest fan of raw red onion so it was a little sharp tasting to me but I did enjoy the jalapeƱo blended into the clam chowder. Though it was so much food that for the first time I did NOT lick my plate clean. I am deeply ashamed.

Last night I finished off my invented pesto and hunk of fontina with some Orgran pasta, goat cheese, and the last of the fresh basil. Thinking of what to put on my pizza tonight with the other half of the dough ...

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  1. i had to comment...OMG your mom's minivan, i remember you learning to drive in that...ah Memories.