Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back on the Horse

Last week I slipped into a realm of familiarity and comfort. Also known as the realm of nachos. Tuesday I did it a little fancier, sauteed some broccoli florets and sliced shitake mushrooms in EVOO and garlic, but Wednesday was just pathetic and had no flair.

Friday night I jumped on the Acela to NYC with my mum which means I spent Saturday and Sunday in my happy place - food adventuring.

Sat. Lunch = Ithaka, a highly rated (on yelp) Greek restaurant on the UES. I got their signature salad and stuffed grape leaves. The word that comes to mind is 'pungent.' It was like the flavors went so deep they completely invaded my tongue. It was marvelous!

Sat. Dinner = Lilli and Loo, also UES, Asian fusion. What really blew me away here was my appetizer, the gluten-free rock shrimp tempura. They claim it's spicy on the menu but really the drizzle is a tangy, citrus-y mayonnaise. And while the GF tempura doesn't quite have that crunch the flavor and texture is superior to many other "breaded" GF items I've had. The vegetarian pad Thai was so-so.

Sat. Dessert = Who could resist a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar while in the neighborhood? What surprised me was that they seem to have doubled in size since my last visit ... 6 years ago. Aha, I see.

Sun. Brunch = Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market. Yes, my second trip here in less than 2 months. You wouldn't question my burgeoning habit if you had one of their sammiches. Oh, and then the fantastical cheese stores all around ... apparently they sell non-cheese items as well but who really pays attention to that nonsense. I had a BELT - bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato. Oh dear, on toasted GF bread with herb mayo? Yes. When I got back to the apartment later I still had a yellow spot of yolk on my face. Classy is the word you're looking for.

Sun. Lunch = Don't judge me. It was a mini-vacation. Plus I was celebrating finding an apartment (Murray Hill, if you're wondering.) I ordered some random Thai which was sub-par. Nothing to speak of.

Sun. Dinner = Instead of spending more cash (though tempting it was) my friends and I made ice cream sundaes, complete with some leftover candy from Dylan's. Be jealous.

Now this brings us to Monday. The highlight of my Monday, which has easily become the highlight of my every week since it's inauguration: Nacho Average Monday at Poe's Kitchen. Poe continues to lay the smack down on my taste buds with his experimental nacho creations. Last night was wild boar, marinated in SoCo and Coffee beans, topped with a poblano blue cheese sauce and these crazy amazing winter greens flash-fried with some indescribable flavor. AND MAGIC. I don't know how he does it but my boy bowls me over with his culinary creations every single time a plate of his is set in front of me. Y.U.M.

Tonight I may make dal again. Or just eat toast. It's been raining/snowing all day and I plan to just sit in my PJs as the gym is out - I did something to make my knee super cranky running on my lunch break Friday. Oops. One more day of rest, I suppose. Plus I have that super awesome cheese from Chelsea Market ...

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