Monday, June 14, 2010

Motherly Love

Ah! What a weekend!

Cafeteria was cute and tasty (perfect for a 24 hour place) with small-ish portions. Given that fact, after walking the 70 odd blocks to the Guggenheim and around the museum itself our bellies were fairly rumbly on the walk back to my apartment. Then, like a shining beacon, appeared in front of me Candle 79 - the vegan restaurant with a gluten free menu that I've been wanting to try for a very long time.

Scrumptious! I loved their guacamole with flax chips app and absolutely scarfed down the young coconut pad thai. Super happy to have finally sampled their wares.

And after wading through obnoxious crowds and waiting in the awkward humidity at the TKTS booth for Billy Elliot tix we trekked around a bit more before finally giving in and cabbing it down to Caracas for dinner. Those arepas now have my mother's heart as well as my own.

Sunday morning found us at Bar Breton for some buckwheat galettes and GF french fries(!) before some more walking and finally the farewell. Since I was already uptown I grabbed a bunch of produce at the Food Emporium under the Queensborough (I like their selection) and finally sucked it up and started my return to working out after eating my way through this vacation.

As for the last hurrah, I went to the roof deck where we made pancakes de platanos and watched Zombieland. Perfect.

Now back to a school schedule, meaning I had a bowl of cereal and Starbucks coffee with soy milk for breakfast while quickly making a small batch of arepas for lunch. Dinner plans = gazpacho! I foresee myself craving cold soups this summer ...

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